Food Pantry - Assessment Template and Training
Supporting those who serve the hungry
Assessment training case study ad other training materials for "Food Pantry"
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Food Pantries are those programs that are involved with picking up, receiving, storing and distributing food rescued from the Donors.  Food Pantries are usually only involved with packaged food however some do handle food that is not packaged.  

Food Pantries are not involved with cooking and serving temperature sensitive food.
Because the generic Agency Assessment Template includes assessment criteria for feeding programs also involved with cooking and serving food, not all criteria relates to a Food Pantry that is involved with distributing food.

To provide guidance on preparation of an assessment for a Food Pantry Agency, the following information is provided.

     1.  Video case study for a Food Pantry Agency preparing a Self-Assessment 
     2.  Written version of case study in PDF for download to use as reference document and to make notes 
Video - Case Study for preparation of assessment for Food Pantry
PDF version of case study for preparation of assessment for Food Pantry