Tips for Operating a Food Thermometer
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Tips for Purchasing and Operating a Food Thermometer
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Summary of Thermometer Review (PDF for downloading).
Thermometer review underway. Click icon for overview and current recommendations
The thermometer review matrix summarizes-
     1.  Type of thermometer and if can be calibrated
     2.  Make, where to purchase, and general price range
     3.  Response times 
Food Safety Reference Guide - Tips for Operating Food Thermometers
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Agencies can download Food Safety Reference Guide - Tips for Operating Food Thermometer
      1.Type of required for taking food temp
      2. Placement of probe for checking product temp
      3. Food temp changes quickly if not kept refrigerated
      4. Steps to take to identify and resolve issues when receiving temp 
      5. Thermometer calibration and logging

Additional Training related to Thermometers and Checking Food Temps for your Food Rescue Program
Additional training information and training videos on thermometers and temp tracking can be navigated to by using navigation tabs above or or icons below. 
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