Transporters - Assessment Template and Training
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Assessment Training Case Study and other training materials for "Transport Only" Agency
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Transportation only food rescue programs are those programs that are only involved with picking up rescued food from the Donor and delivering the food to a Food Pantry or Feeding Program.  

These groups, often referred to as "Food Runners", are not involved with storing or distributing food.
Because the generic Agency Assessment Template includes assessment criteria for feeding programs also involved with storing, cooking, and serving food, not all criteria relates to a program only involved with transportation.

To provide guidance on preparation of an assessment for a Transportation Agency, the following information is provided.

     1.  Video case study for a Transport Only Agency preparing a Self-Assessment
     2.  Written version of case study in PDF for download to use as reference document and to make notes 
     3.  PDF of the Assessment Template from the Case Study highlighting sections and standards that apply most often to transport only programs.  Review this list for your agency to see if other sections and standards apply to your group. 
Video - Case Study for preparation of assessment for Transport program
PDF version of Case Study for preparation of assessment for Transport program
PDF of Case Study identifying processes Joe's Food Runners are not involved and therefore certain compliance items do not apply for completing the assessment.